A Buzzfeed Writer Experiences Her First Dance Marathon

This past November, the Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals Content Development Team worked with Buzzfeed to introduce one of their writers to the Miracle Network Dance Marathon movement and the over 300 colleges and universities across North America who fundraise for their local hospitals.

The writer and a photographer were invited to attend Indiana University Dance Marathon, the first Dance Marathon program to benefit CMN Hospitals, which celebrated its 26th anniversary of its founding in 1991 and raises funds for Riley Hospital for Children.

It was amazing to see the Buzzfeed team become completely immersed in the Dance Marathon event and truly understand the power that a group of undergraduate students can have in doing good in their local community.

“Every conversation I had at IUDM reinforced the idea of a community of people coming together,” Johanna Sarriot, Buzzfeed, wrote. “Not patients and hospitals or Riley Kids and volunteers, but a large family of individuals all working toward the same goal no matter how they came to be involved in it. Even more inspiring was seeing young people my age discover the joy of giving back and feeling like their actions could actually have impactful results.

You can see the full account of Buzzfeed’s first Dance Marathon experience in their article here.

Photograph by Aubree Lennon / Design by Kirby Darland / © BuzzFeed



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