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Extra Life Raises Over $40,000 for CMN Hospitals

Extra Life United (ENU), an annual gaming event where Extra Lifers compete to raise money for Children’s Miracle Network (CMN) hospitals, took place March 7-10, 2018 in Orlando, Florida.

Riley Children’s Foundation sponsored one Extra Life Indianapolis Guild (Indy Guild) member who attended 50% of guild meetings, volunteered at at least 50% of conventions, and raised at least $200. They also sponsored one guild officer. These individuals, as well as three others from the Indy Guild, attended the event and together raised $5,540 for Riley Hospital for Children.

Marlee Davenport with the Indy Guild.

Riley kid, Marlee Davenport, took part in ENU festivities as well as the Enmon family. In 2008, Victoria Enmon lost her battle with leukemia after being diagnosed four years earlier at age 11. The Enmon family shared Victoria’s story with Extra Lifers, discussed their motivation for participating in Extra Life, and gave out Extra Life pins.

The Enmon family with the Indy Guild.

Over the weekend, Extra Lifers from all over the country raised more than $40,000 for CMN hospitals. Click here to view the ENU 2018 recap video.

Riley Children’s Foundation is immensely grateful for Extra Life, specifically the Indy Guild, and praises their passion for playing games to help local kids.

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