Panda Express Restaurants poised for another big fundraising year in Indiana and CMN Hospitals in 2016

Panda Express Team in Muncie, IN. #1 Fundraising location in Indiana!


Panda Express Team in Noblesville, IN

I have been visiting the great teams at Panda Express locations throughout Indiana and thanking them and their customers for fundraising at the register. I attended an area meeting in May earlier this year and was able to thank the general managers and Area Coach of Operations in person for an amazing 2015 for Riley Hospital for Children and CMN Hospitals across the country. The 24 locations in our market in Indiana raised $96,2626.15 last year and the Panda Express stores have already raised $77,892.67 through June 2016.

I visited Panda Express store #2215 in Muncie and met with GM Lily Jimenez and her team. Lily shared that her store rounds up an average of $800-$900 per week and their goal is to be in the $1K club and raise $1,000 per week.

Many of the associates I’ve met at Panda Restaurant Group are also Riley parents and their children have been treated at Riley Hospital. Asking their customers is personal to many of them and Panda Express employees are passionate about raising money for Riley and CMN Hospitals. I can’t wait to see the Panda Restaurant Group totals for 2016. Keep up the great work FTK!

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