Indiana Ace Hardware Stores Make a Special Donation

Getting a cast can be quite a scary and tough experience for a child and their family, but thanks to Ace Hardware they are adding a little bit of fun to the process. On May 3, members of the Central Indiana Ace group brought bags filled with Duck Tape to help Riley’s clinic keep their casts waterproof! With patterns and pictures ranging from bright purple to Frozen and Minions, picking out the tape for a cast can be the highlight of a Riley kid’s appointment.

Heather from Riley, Alison, Glenn, and Skylar stand with the May 3rd tape donation.

Riley kid, Julian, and his mom during a check up at Riley.

Riley staff members took Glenn Becker, Alison Deary, and Skylar Stevenson around the outpatient rooms and even brought out their stuffed elephant to show how a cast fits on a child. An infant as young as 5 months may have to be put in a cast, and they could be in them for up to 5 or 6 years. With how fast these little ones grow, that’s usually a new cast every 6 months. Every cast uses about 1 full roll of tape!

Now, the staff of this clinic is set on tape for a long time, and they don’t have to worry about the cost. Along with this generous gift, Riley Ace locations raised over $37,000 for the hospital in 2016! Thank you, Ace, for going above and beyond to help our Riley kids!

Teresa with Riley Hospital takes the Ace team around the clinic.

This stuffed elephant is used to show Riley kids what their cast will look like.

Heather shows Alison how the cast fits on a kiddo.


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